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Around the cities there is sometimes heavy traffic traffic (this is particularly the case for the first half of day one, as the route passes Shenzhen) but in the countryside there is thin traffic and there is nearly always a generous hard shoulder so that cyclists can avoid the path of the cars.The roads have distance markers every kilometre which is handy for ensuring that you are on the right road.The magnitude of what has been achieved in the past week sinks in and the Mad Dogs will have a proper celebration meal together. The scale of the elevation profile above ranges from -1-56m.To view a larger size, right click on the image and select "Open Image In New Tab." The victorious cyclists wake up wondering "Did I really do that?! Either they have requested to spend another night in their hotel and are going to explore and make the most of this tantalising city..for some reason they are heading home now – with a lot of stories and a great deal of pride.There are plenty of opportunities to stop and sample the local fare at roadside shacks, from baguettes to noodles and fruit.The landscape then opens up into a vast flat plain of paddy fields tended by busy labourers.As the border town approaches there are some stunning coastal views.

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To view a larger size, right click on the image and select "Open Image In New Tab." The road passes through the Kaiping region, including the stunning Chikanzhen (listed as a UNESCO world heritage site), with many of the famous and unusual Diaolou towers easily visible from the road.

You'll head up through Shenzhen (which will be quieter early in the morning) to the short but beautiful car ferry across the Pearl River estuary.

The roads are calmer on the other side and the first green shoots of the countryside appear.

We will meet you at the border and transport you to the nearby hotel (you can also ride your bike there if you like, it is a couple of kilometres!

) Riders have in the past also taken cross-border vehicles, at approx HK0 for max 3 riders.

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