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When you find out what is causing your problems, you should share that with your friends, and family, to fix there problems.

My "regular" email address is not used for anything that is important.Question: Growing number of e-mails sent, but not being received. Over the past 12 months or so I have slowly come to realize that e-mails are not always getting to their destination. It tags all your sent e-mails and you will be notified when e-mail is picked up.This not just me but there is a growing number of acquaintances that have noticed the same thing when communication with others that have nothing to do with me both within the USA or Canada and cross the border. It is not 100% successful, but on my computer succeeds at least 95% of the time.This is a brand new computer from then I also don't use any spam filters and I personally go through every email. It is possible that your recipients are missing the emails, even though they come in.It is easy to do if you are getting a lot of spam or if you use a spam filter. If anyone ever tells me that they never received an email I can re-send it and I even have the information about when it was originally sent. If your email account has been compromised and used to send out spam or viruses there is a distinct possibility that your email address has been blocked by some recipients or their service providers. If this has happened you may find it easiest to get a different email address.

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