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Parents need to know that Yarn - Chat Fiction is a subscription-based fiction story app that includes stories based on text messages.

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You might not be sleeping with blokes on a first date (or you might - whatever floats your boat) but you’re probably not counting down your physical interactions in precise detail any more.‘We probably started talking for about three weeks before we met off, and from about three sentences in, it was really full on – we joked about getting engaged and started talking about our wedding plans,’ she told The Debrief.Conversation moved onto Whatsapp, which Gemma felt was a natural progression - although she wouldn’t have suggested herself.Gemma,* 26, works in publishing and has been on Tinder for six months ago after a long-term relationship ended.She met the first guy she got talking to for a date – but only after they’d chatted on Tinder, moved onto Whats App, and had Whats App sex first.

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