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I think he too often partakes the same kinda kinks I do....Once inside I tell the whore I have sixty dollars with her name on it, so long as I can get just a "tiny" bit rough. Like the greedy, drug addicted, crack whore that she is, her eyes light up at the prospect of an additional on top of the I already gave her, so she agrees.She rolled over to face me and we kissed for a while and she started rubbing my fully hard cock through my boxers. Mary's bf has a bigger cock than I do but he doesn't know how pleasure a women. I rolled on top to fuck her but paused briefly to taste her delicious pussy, she was soo fucking wet.I slipped my bare cock inside her tight pussy and started to pump in and out slowly building up speed.We went back to the shit, ( I am not joking ) a night motel I rent when I engage in these kinks.I always pay cash, and always leave the clerk a nice tip.

Finally i just grabbed them and started massaging them pinching her nipples now and then. After a bit I asked for bj she d down the bed and I was in bliss for the next 5 mins.

Then she started fucking arching her pussy up and down in time to my strokes. Then in the morning when the alarm clocks when off I sleeply fucked her again while she moaned into Jessica's ear.

I've only seen that shit in porn but to feel it was amazing. After we got up Jess asked if she heard Mary have an orgasm in her ear!

There was an outside smoking area with heat lamps and some seating.

If you weren't lucky enough to get a stool you sat on the floor.

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