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In addition to exploring the issues around apps for sex and dating, participants will also help to bring some of these sensitive, yet important topics into the mainstream of CSCW research.Details of submissions for interested participants are available at the workshop website: Apps.The age of consent is the age where a person can legally consent to sexual intercourse with an adult.Without consent, the sexual intercourse is considered statutory rape, and the minor can press criminal charges against the adult.However, the age of consent for homosexual conduct is 18 years old, regardless of the person’s sex.

We aim to create a publicly accessible repository of infrastructure tools and to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas about technology in local contexts among the researchers, practitioners and residents interested in this area.

Furthermore, many important phenomena related to peer production are not yet fully understood.

This workshop will focus on characterizing areas of research within the domain of Open Collaboration Systems (OCS’s) where partnerships between academic and industry researchers can both increase our scientific understanding of OCS’s and also support those systems through research.

For CSCW, these apps are interesting to study: they offer a context to explore issues of identity and self-presentation, geography and locality, privacy and security, as well as motivation and usage habits.

In this one-day workshop, we invite researchers, students, and practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds, including CSCW, computer science, sociology, and public health, to discuss these issues and more, as well as exploring the difficulties and challenges inherent in this research.

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