Sex dating in mcneal arizona

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In fact, a lot of sex happens on ships and on deployment—as evidenced by the number of pregnancies that result from tours of duty.

And by what strange logic do four years of college on dry land become comparable to a few weeks or months of deployment in the real military, a deployment that lets you go home when it's over?

Before women were admitted to the academies in 1976 as a result of Congressional fiat (that the Academies fought until they had to accept), "no sex" was virtually a non-issue—expressed only as a ban on gay sex, cause for expulsion from the military, not just the academies.

Sex of any sort, a background issue before if an issue at all, as moved to center stage.

Thus sexual assault was not a separable issue, nor was "no sex." Now 20 percent of our student body is female, with an undeterminable percentage of out gays.

Homosexual acts are no longer criminal in the world outside, and homosexual orientation is no longer grounds for dismissal from the military.

It also means even less sleep in an institution that already insists against all evidence that it can teach students to function on a boat under sleep-deprived conditions by depriving them of sleep for their four years of college—and then punishing them for "unprofessional" behavior when they nod off in class.

(There are also suddenly mandatory musters in the middle of the night to ensure that students are really trying to sleep rather than do something else.) More fundamentally, this new policy renders more intense the atmosphere of fear and repression that has always ruled the service academies.

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