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“One of the girls in our office knew exactly what it was.” The Exchange Initiative created the app, which Hackett said is widely used by her staff.

But use of the app isn’t limited to her line of work.

Evernote was among the early adopters – you can use your fingerprint to sign in to the app – but there are now others as well, includiong Last Pass and Dropbox.

Now that Touch ID has arrived, the big difference between the current crop of i Phones and i Pads is that the i Pads have no near-field communication (NFC), so there's no direct support for touch-based payment.

If you’re still clinging to your first i Phone from 2009, Google is giving you one more reason to upgrade.If you want to find out more, read our original review below. All the same, with this new update, Apple has most certainly made its flagship tablet better, and the design department hasn't been entirely unoccupied these past 12 months.Apple is a company that knows its customers better than anyone – and at the launch of the i Pad Air 2, it was in no doubt as to what they really wanted from their new i Pad. Aside from the i Pad Air 2's slimmer 6.1mm chassis (the i Pad Air was 7.4mm thick), and lighter 437g weight (down from 469g), a number of other small changes have been made: the buttons have been redesigned to match those on the i Phone 6 and 6 Plus; the speaker grille on the bottom edge is now a single row of larger perforations, not two; and the mute switch has been removed.“You just enter your hotel name and your room number.You take four pictures, and you submit them to the website,” Washington University Researcher and Traffick Cam developer Abby Stylianou said.

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