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Her dad grabbed her arm and shoved her on the couch.

He started listing more rules, "If you want to have sex use your toys but from now and until I say so you will be our sex toy." "But daddy that's wrong you're my dad," her dad just smiled down on her.

The way you tell me to call you Daddy or Sir makes me gasp with anticipation.

I want to please you and by doing that you know that my pussy will be glistening with my obvious excitement unable to be contained.

You have me hypnotized in a sexual trance my body doesn’t want to awaken from.

She is protected by birth control she goes once a month to the doctor's office for tests and she has yet to get pregnant. " "But daddy I'm eighteen I should be able to go out and have sex if I want to," "Not anymore your mother was to lean with you and know since she is gone you will listen to me and your brother if need be got it," "Fine can I go to my room know I feel really uncomfortable," "No you chose not to wear any clothes so you will not wear any clothes except when guests are here no strike that you will be naked twenty-four/seven." "What!

"From here on out you will not go out and have sex with random guys. " Bee screamed it didn't really matter they didn't know that many people here anyway they just moved here a couple of weeks ago.

Keep sliding into my tight holes deeper and deeper as I clench your cock with my pussy.

Pinching my nipples and slapping my ass, I know you’ve only just begun.

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