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If you own a large pet, putting your system in “Away” might not be the best option. Tell Your Security System to “Stay” The alternative is putting your alarm system in “Stay” mode, which is used when you home.Selecting this mode arms only the exterior sensors and not the interior ones.The “Stay” mode is customizable, allowing you specify certain sensors to remain armed even when in this mode.This is perfect for any areas in your home that you rarely passed through.Listen to music and cuddle under blankets while you eat. Those little [bleeps] ruin, like, every summer picnic.

There are multiple ways to arm your system as well, meaning there are no excuses! Are you taking advantage of the different arming modes? That's all fine but a little cliché, don't you think?So, go collect food, shovel snow, visit with the elderly or do whatever moves you. Pack wine, mulled wine, whisky, or, if you're not a drinker, hot cider, and an i Pod deck.Every single sensor of your security system will be armed – exterior sensors, such as Door/Window Sensors and Glass Break Sensors, and interior sensors, such as Motion Detectors.Keep in mind that Motion Detectors are pet-friendly, as long as the pet doesn’t exceed 40 pounds.

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