Shanea grimes dating

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In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), Darcy is seen in gym class when she and Chantay jokingly make fun of Emma's weight.

In High Fidelity (1), it is revealed that Spinner has had sex with Manny before and lied to Darcy about being a virgin, which hurts her.

It is clear Darcy is interested in him, so he asks her out. Luckily he realizes his mistake, and they begin dating.

However, in Season 6, she began to change into a hot, popular, and athletic cheerleader.However, she was drugged and raped while attending a party which caused her to contract chlamydia.Following her assault, she became extremely unstable and unable to cope with her traumatic rape, sending her down a self-destructive, promiscuous and mentally unstable path.Darcy reads his texts and finds out, so she breaks up with him.As Darcy boards the bus to go to Bible Camp, he asks for forgiveness.

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