Shulamit ran

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In 1999 she launched a fresh initiative entitled Classic Encounter®, a program targeted at attracting audience members seeking an introduction to classical music.As program co-host, she developed and expanded this series of eight concerts leading to a new and dedicated audience for classical music.The concept of this series is the presentation of a live documentary about a single piece of music on the first half of the program, followed by a complete performance of the work.The series continues to draw critical acclaim, selling out quickly since its inception, and it is leased and performed by orchestras all over the world.After Hitler wins power in January 1933, he becomes increasingly alarmed by Röhm who is now demanding that his multi-million man militia be placed on an equal footing with the Nazi Party.Hitler, the German Army High Command, and Röhm's arch-rival, SS leader Heinrich Himmler, now see Röhm and his SA as a common threat.Beginning in 2000 Gilmer worked to develop collaborative programming that blossomed into many relationships with Chicago cultural organizations such as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Redmoon Theater, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, The Art Institute of Chicago and The Poetry Foundation.Most recently, in 2006, Gilmer saw the launch of Beyond the Score®, for which she was the executive producer, with Gerard Mc Burney as creative director.

Gilmer became CEO of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra in October 2014 after a 35-year career at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.She has championed the creation of contemporary music, regularly supporting the commissioning of new works and working with composers on existing compositions.In addition to programming concerts for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Gilmer and her staff also oversaw the artistic planning for “Symphony Center Presents,” a diverse series of recitals, concerts and performances by top classical, jazz, pop and world music artists, presented at Symphony Center.The first commercial DVD release of Beyond the Score® accompanied the CSO’s Grammy®-winning recording of Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony.It is also licensed to orchestras nationally and internationally.

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