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I’m going to be like a 13-year-old girl, probably, when that occurs, and I have no idea when that will be because it’s way too soon.

But the Bizz part I really love because first of all; it is women and by women. It is about learning how not to be afraid of having huge dreams and really taking charge of your career and your life and your path.

Last night, the ultimate Throwback Thursday was not on Instagram, but rather the main room at Manhattan’s iconic Four Seasons restaurant, in the now-revamped Grill and the Pool rooms.

It was there that a musical time warp occurred, as Fergie ran through her greatest hits from the early aughts, from “Fergalicious” to “London Bridge” to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” The singer was performing to close out a evening, however, to celebrated an occasion very of 2017: the launch of Bumble Bizz, a brand new aspect of the female-first dating app, which focuses on professional networking.

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I think it is a great time for women to push through those boundaries and be fearless. I started in the industry very young, at seven-years-old. I really had a very clear vision that I wanted to be in entertainment.

Get Free Email Updates I INSERTED MY TEXT HERE I use Alex’s themes on all of my sites so these forms are pretty par for the course. Just one quick note though: You guys a F___ing KILLING IT with these e-mails lately. When I enter an e-mail address I see the message that an e-mail is sent for confirmation, but I never receive the e-mail. This is an awesome addition if I can get it to work right. The form shows up, but not the custom colors or background. Everyone in the comments has said as much, and here’s why they’re right.

It just makes me so proud to see women on top of their game. They don’t just sit back because they’ve had success and just watch the sunset on the balcony.

They continue to be driven, be nice people, and really just strive for greatness.

While the photographer for the shoot was Elizabeth Lavin, Badu herself was the artistic director for it.

The "Window Seat" singer shared behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram page, glowing as a proud parent. As the child of two musical icons, she's clearly enjoying the fun that comes with having a incredibly cool mom.

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