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When it comes to meeting the love of your life, bar-hopping is so passé.

That's why loads of singles are taking a more creative approach to zeroing in on Mister or Miss Right.

His material was first published in the "Eastern Daily Press." Nash's work focuses on American life, travel and the music industry.

In 1998 he earned an Ox Bridge doctorate in philosophy and immediately emigrated to America.

In other words, they are giving a breather and hightailing it out of town to give singles tours a try. With her 40th birthday right around the corner, she finally had the time and resources to travel more."But my friends were all married with children or couldn't afford to join me," she explains.

"I Googled 'single travel' and found several companies."Lucky for her, she met the man of her dreams the second night of her cruise to Italy and Spain."He was interesting, funny and a little nerdy," Abbott says.

The only certainty is that you know that when you approach a new face they are in the "market" for the same result from their investment as you: someone to be with for a while.

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"We had four engagements last year that we know about and one couple did their wedding with us on the New Year's Eve cruise.

Groups of singles are seldom arranged on a random basis.

Organizers advertize their products based on age ranges -- 18 to 35 is common, then 36 to 50, then 50 and above -- and on interests, occupations and destinations.

For example, single people fascinated by the ancient Egyptian pyramids typically enjoy finding themselves on a plane filled with other singles with identical interests.

Singles cruises set sail with a boat packed with single people all looking to find a partner for a night, the length of the vacation or a lifetime.

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