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Used as a tender, for shore landing parties, towing, warping, rescue missions, patrols, escape from mutiny, to mention only a few purposes.

Boats came in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on time-period, geography and function: barges, cutters, dinghies, gigs, launches, longboats, pinnaces, shallops, skiffs, wherries and yawls.

Examples of a down easter Fireship: A ship or boat that is deliberately set on fire and steered to collide with a larger enemy ship in order to set it on fire and destroy it.

Fireships were often used in the 17th century to finish off disabled enemy vessels.

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The hull was strengthened to take the weight of one or more mortars and the foremast was completely omitted.Examples of a Baltimore clipper Bark: A vessel square-rigged on all but the aftermost mast, which is fore-and-aft rigged. Most were three-masted, some were four- or five-masted vessels.Before the mid 18th century the term Barque was also often used for any three-masted vessel not fitting any other accepted nomenclature or category.Lightly armed, they were not well-suited for dealing with pirates, privateers or any other armed opposition. Frigate: A three-masted sailing warship with two full decks, with only one gun deck.A frigate was armed with between 30 to 44 guns located on the gun deck and possibly some on the quarter-deck and forecastle.

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