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But libraries also see an edge in providing the space for people to gather, and in teaming with other groups, both nonprofits and individuals, to offer experiences that will bring bodies into their stacks.

Last year, cast members of "Days of Our Lives," drew hundreds to Suwanee, some from as far away as South Carolina.But it's one that has ramped up in the past five years, as tight budgets brought on by the recession have prevented large acquisitions of new books, DVDs, and other materials."If you haven't been in a library for a while you need to come and check it out," said Molly Raphael, president of the American Library Association."It does things in ways that are different than what you remember or thought."Song and dance Recently, Dick Lyon, a tenor for the Sentimental Journey barbershop quartet, hit a high note so resonant it could be heard well past the commons area of the Spruill Oaks branch in Johns Creek, Ga., where his group was performing, all the way across to the children's area .But their followers are usually regular library users and not necessarily new or wayward patrons.And a lot of systems have no advertising budget because of the perception that taxpayers will object to their money being spent that way."If I could get 10 billboards around town, I would love it," Szabo said.

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