Speed dating structure

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Java Script's way of working with dates is simple but perhaps this is part of the problem. They are simple enough in theory but in practice things can get complicated.

The Date object is so simple that it can be difficult to work out how to do things like date arithmetic. In particular there is the get Time method which returns the date/time as a numeric value - sometimes you seem to need it and other times (no pun intended) you don't.

Keeping time in seconds from this date is usually called "Unix time".

Notice that Java Script uses the Unix epoch but it counts time in milliseconds ticks, not in seconds.

After the rounds of “dating”, the room is opened up for free networking, so that students can follow up with more questions or meet with representatives they were unable to see in the rounds.It also has some additional methods which behave like static or class methods.In Java Script it is the general rule that additional methods of the constructor function object behave like class methods.The most basic are the UTC functions which return the date and time as stored in the Date object.Of course not everyone wants to work with UTC and there are local time equivalents of each of the above methods - just leave out the UTC part of the name.

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