Spencer matthews dating chloe green

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Existing mainly as a cautionary tale, you might also recognise Funda from Calvin Harris music videos or adverts for cosmetic surgery. Francis’ Lithuanian intern Agne Motiejunaite will be a familiar face for diehard fans, but that didn’t stop her getting the chop at the end of the first season. Now more famous for being the daughter of “Sir Shifty” Philip Green, Topshop heiress Chloe Green had a brief stint on the show as Ollie Locke’s girlfriend. Although she wins extra points for having the best name out of anyone on MIC ever, Gabilicious loses all of those points for having absolutely no discernible effect on any plotline of any episode she appeared in. Was Kimberley Gardner the most objectified cast member in MIC history?

Another of the Made In Chelsea old guard who ended up being pretty useless, the entire series kicked off with a party thrown by Amber for her new jewellery line. The fact she was introduced with literally just a lingering shot of her arse suggests so. Introduced as part of a trio to rival the “lost boys” of old, he fell by the wayside to charming Andy Jordan and cheeky Stevie Johnson.

Vogue, who used to be married to Westlife's Brian Mc Fadden, even admitted that there was some truth to the romance rumours. "The post has been liked by former X Factor contestant Jake Quickenden, who appeared on The Jump with Spencer and Vogue.

When quizzed on ITV's Lorraine, she said: "There is maybe a little bit of truth in the matter."We were really close friends, we’re just really close, really close friends and yeah, we’ve been getting on very well.” A third fan wasn't happy though.

Then again, she’s no Caggie or Louise or Lucy, and she didn’t really add much to the whole equation.

She’s allegedly dated Leonardo Di Caprio since, though, so she probably doesn’t give a shit what you think.

The two were photographed on board a 180 foot yacht, cruising the blue waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey. READ MORE CELEB NEWS But now the fitness fanatic has taken things to a whole new level during a romantic mini-break away…Made In Chelsea revolutionised the way we view celebrities.But who is the most forgettable MIC character of all time? We think there was a skiing subplot involving her, but we’ll have to get back to you on that.Take a look back through 11 seasons of archives with us, and cast your vote below. Thomas was the French busker who Caggie brought back from Paris, and was in no way shoehorned in to try and hastily create a love rival for Spencer.

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