Star trek fans dating

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is a great show – it features well-acted, compelling characters, an interesting arc plot, great visuals, really gorgeous ships and uniforms and Doug Jones actually getting to speak.

Their mission, as assigned by Gene, "Do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode...But if episodic television, a light tone or ensemble casts are really so unwatchably archaic, surely we would get no enjoyment from re-watching older series at all.For some fans, the tone of 1990s (and 1960s), the tendency for the characters to joke around, no matter what terrible things have just happened, is part of the show’s appeal.Its goal is to become the largest, most reliable and most up-to-date encyclopedia about everything Trek.The project, which was started in 2003, is a wiki, making it easy for fans to share their knowledge. Presenting conjectural history articles, detailed technical information, starship size comparisons, an extensive humor archive, thoughtful opinion and commentary and much more.

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