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A good guideline is the Recommended System Requirements.

If your PC meets or exceeds those, it has enough power to avoid most low end system crashes.

Still, there are several ways to minimize stability issues. This can be achieved in two ways: freeing up existing system resources and/or upgrading your computer hardware.

Freeing up existing resources is mainly a matter of closing out of programs such as Anti-Virus scanners, Instant Messengers, Internet Browsers, and Peer-to-Peer software before running the game.

You now have to repair the core, and this requires that you complete The Archive mission on Venus.

For the more advanced user, disabling certain Windows Services can also help: Tweaking XP Services or Vista Performance Guide.

Upgrading your computer is another thing that requires some computer knowledge, as it will require you picking out new hardware.

Text in books is displayed correctly for a fraction of a second and then corrupts before you can read it(!

) Also many surfaces have holes and other rendering faults occur inside the Imperial City but not generally elsewhere.

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