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Most of the Singapore women at the popular are in their 20s, but about 50 were 18.Many posted photos of themselves in suggestive poses, or dressed in bikinis or lingerie .These men are mostly in their 40s and 50s and listed occupations include lawyers, traders or marketing directors.Around 350 men listed their relationship status as "married but looking" on PROTECT THE VULNERABLE We do not need such sites and I am all for a ban.While this will not stop new ones from coming up, we should do what we can and the Government also needs to take a stand and protect as many people and families as possible, and also protect vulnerable and at-risk individuals from being exploited too.I am bisexual, so sugar mommas and dads, I want you! "Looking for monthly financial support of to k with meet-ups once or twice a week," wrote 25-year-old Rei Rei XX, who joined the website in April.

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"We do not need such sites and I am all for a ban," said Mr Seah, who is the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.Those who are more upfront list how much their time would cost."Sugar dating" sites, which pair young women with rich older men willing to pay lavishly for companionship, have, in recent years, begun targeting people in Singapore.MP SEAH KIAN PENG A 19-year-old student, who calls herself Annab89, joined the website in March.She wrote in her profile: "I am looking for a short-term sugar relationship, for now, though that most definitely could change.

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