Svetlana burakova dating gomel

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Aliaksandr Rytau, Head of International Programs and Projects Office, coordinator of SICSID project at BSU 9.Aliaksey Bahamazau, Head of the Department for Youth Affairs, BSU 10.Michael Zhuravkov, First-Vice Rector, Chairman of the Governing Board of the BSU Start-up Center 7.Natalia Romanona, Deputy Head of the Department for Youth Affairs, BSU Start-up Center Coordinator8.Natalia Romanova prepared the business-plan following projects of BSU Start-up center: Corporate stile agency «Creative-Market», Smartphone game «Changing the World», Modern investment adviser «Profit PAM», Consulting agency for international students «BE HERE», On-line Education / distance learning platform «Internet−BSU», Travel and education center on base of Pryłuki's village and Youth advertising agency «Showy» (social advertisements).Activities of center of youth innovation and entrepreneurship «Start-up BSU» evaluated by international experts» and the video «The first center youth innovation and entrepreneurship «Start-up BSU» in the Republic of Belarus» has been posted on the official site of newspaper “University” on November 11, 2014.Marathon was conducted according to the method of creative-simulation «Design Thinking».

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Also, the hard copy of publication «Which is more expensive: the idea and its realization?Piotr Lapo, Director of BSU Fundamental Library, BSU Fab Lab project coordinator, BSU Start-up center academic group member 11.Irina Pantiouk, Professor, Faculty of Humanities, IDP courses teacher, BSU Start-up center academic group member, BSU 12.» was published in the newspaper “University” on March 28, 2015.Also, this article included the information about successful realization of start-up project «Bioabsorbable anticancer drugs for local chemotherapy of malignant neoplasms: Temodex and Prospidelong».

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