Teen dating violence epidemic tyra

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Frankly, the statistics about teen dating violence are shocking enough -- without the sensationalism: And nowadays an abuser can insult, attack, stalk, harass, text, call, email, spy, invade and threaten a target without even leaving the comfort of his or her own home.Nationally, there are some key players making significant strides on this issue.

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Yet I can't help but wonder, now that we got one of our own, what good is it going to do us?

It knows no social, economic, ethnic, or racial boundaries.

But domestic violence is not a one-size-fits-all issue.

We need schools to establish dating violence policies that ensure confidentiality and safety so teens can speak up when they are being abused.

We must call on our lawmakers and political leaders to ensure that minors have equal access to safety and justice in every state.

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