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This type of violence can happen to people of all races.

It can also occur on the first or second date or in a long-term relationship, and it isn't always about getting physically aggressive.

For example, some youth may be unsure of their sexual orientation, whereas others have been clear about it since childhood and have expressed it since a young age.

Most parents might find this unbelievable, but almost 72% of eighth and ninth graders are dating.

Let's get a broader perspective on this topic, by learning some teenage dating abuse facts.• According to Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, almost 1.5 million high school students across the country have experienced physical abuse from their partner.• Girls and young women between the age of 16 to 24 go through the highest rate of dating violence.• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that around 9% girls and 8% boys have taken a trip to the emergency room for an injury received from a dating partner.• Teenage girls who undergo physical, mental, and sexual abuse are at a high risk of developing an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.• Young girls falling in the age group of 15 to 19 experience almost 10 times more violence in relationships than men.• According to Love Is Respect.org, almost a quarter of high school girls have experienced sexual abuse or date rape.• Teens facing dating violence intentionally choose to remain silent.

Even if they talk about it, it is with a close friend.• Contrary to what most people say, alcohol and drugs do worsen the violence, but are never the actual cause of teen dating violence.• A study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited states that 80% of girls who have been physically abused continue to be in a relationship with the abuser.• Majority of the violence related to teen dating happens in the house of one of the partners.• According to Do Something.org, almost 25% of high school girls in the country have been abused physically or sexually repeatedly, and are likely to become pregnant or contract an STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease).• Teenage Research Unlimited states that 26% of teen girls in a relationship have been threatened with violence or verbal abuse.

Teenage dating violence also includes sexual violence which includes any forced or unwanted sexual contact.

Anyone can suffer from dating violence, and it is illegal for someone to hit the other person.

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