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was broadcast from the first floor television studio at the General Motors Building.This location had a great outdoor plaza, which was home to FAO Schwartz, the Apple Store and was across the street from the Plaza Hotel and Central Park."The news is back in the morning" The tag line seems to working well for the re-imagined show.Among the three morning shows, has been the only one to see a steady increase in viewership.Now the show is located in a nondescript building on 57th Street.The target demographic for the show does not warrant the need for a studio audience, as it is focused on news.

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On Sunday, With the creation of its new format and a return focus on hard news, CBS also created a new tag line.Viewership is actually up as well as increase in its demographic.It also just recently reported its highest viewing audience in 11 years, which has been a steady climb after it went back to its roots in news.The show utilizes a 90 second video montage of newsworthy events of the past 24 hours aptly titled, The Eye Opener @8.Its tag line is, "Your world in 90 seconds." Charlie Rose: 2012: - Present.

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