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Many moons ago, I ran across a term that just tickled the hell out of me, both for its succinctness and its applicability to many polyamorous situations.I wish I’d come up with it, because it’s just that good. [c:0|t:19|false] Printable String ' Domain Control Validated' . [c:0|t:12|false] UTF8String '' . It’s called the One Penis Policy, and it tends to run something like this: Male: Hey, I was thinking about maybe you and I opening up our relationship and being non-monogamous.You’d mentioned you thought Miss Brainy was pretty hot, didn’t you? And I think maybe having a more open relationship would be really cool. I mean, you’re bi, and I’m interested in women, so it’s fair that we can both have a girlfriend if we want. [c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (basic Constraints) .

(Mothers Against Violence in Schools), which was founded by her mother in 1993, following the tragic death of her younger brother, who was shot and killed on his high school campus.

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Miss Brainy is hot, but I’ve kind of had my eye on Mr.

The men are leading the charge and the men are doing all of these great things in the story and the woman's just kind of there as an action piece.

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