Tsumabuki dating

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Satoshi portrayed main character Suzuki - the lone member of a high school swimming team who finds himself on a hastily formed male synchronized swimming team.His performance would garner Satoshi the "Newcomer of the Year" award at the 2002 Japan Academy Awards.Can't wait to see his journey to find his 24 body parts!! For now, I'll try to watch his previous and newest film projects just to get a feel of how he can act. In 1998, Satoshi competed alongside 3 million other contestants in "Star Audition" co-produced by talent agencies Amuse, Horipro, and television network NTV.

In his free time Satoshi Tsumabuki is an avid music fan and even formed the band "Basking Life" back in 1999 with his brother.

@Mike 32 is not that old lol Anyways, I thought he was a lot older than 32 only because he's been around doing dramas and films for a long time..has nothing to do with his youthful appearance I think he and Eri Fukatsu should get married. I love the fighting techniques and the acting itself. No matter how small the role is, he managed to make it special.

They have great chemistry..have been casted together several times...hehe, that's my wishful thinking. You are all too good looking, and at that age, my gosh! I think he's one of Japan's most accomplished actor.

However, when ADV released these titles, they scrappe...― I noticed something cool about the current anime season this week.

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