Twitterfeed not updating twitter

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I'm updating today to let you know that we're considering the next round of browser support upd...

Twitterfeed is indeed a powerful tool for any promotional activity. I do not suggest that your only interaction with your faithful, and soon to be increasing, readership should be via an automatic piece of software.

Warning: This information, if used judiciously, could seriously increase your wealth. The first words on the right hand side, at the top, are sign-up.

Apology: This article has grown to become somewhat longer than I had anticipated. Click that, and you will end up on the 'create account' screen (as below).

Check to see if your tweets show up on and if they don't then you should contact Twitter.

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Now, and do this, test the RSS feed by clicking the 'test RSS feed' button. The settings available to you there, are of great importance to how the feed will function. The screen opens up to show: The default for 'post a link' is for it to be set 'on'.'cos that's already been done when you set up your Twitter account, and you will be linked with that address later on in the process. As you hit the 'create Account' button you will be back at the log in screen again. Below the fold, you will find the log in area (as below). 'Add feeds to Twitterfeed' is much better if you have any interest whatsoever in building your reputation with your followers, rather than making them think you are only interested in your own benefit.Enter the e-mail address you signed up with and your password and hey presto! The mastery of social media is achieved when you open up the doors and windows and offer your followers what you see around you, that is of interest to you, and therefore, by association, because they follow you, of interest to them also.If you would like to customize your Twitter stream, toggle the customize button to "On" and enter in your company information and layout options.Next, authorize Hoot Feed to use your Twitter account.

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