Updating achtung panzer

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De haber sido Guderian de nacionalidad aliada seguramente la Segunda Guerra hubiera durado mucho menos.

Mientras estaba en la mitad del libro, se me ocurrió investigar quien era este visionario y que había logrado.

Junger and Graves and others like Guy Sajer speak of personal impact and effect and horror of physical in contact battle.

Sir Alistair Horne refers to some of this in his excellent book on Verdun whilst also trying to reference all layers of the conflict and flawed thinking of leadership and the costs.

Born in 1888, Heinz Guderian served in World War One, came to Hitler¿s attention in 1935, was made corps commander of Panzer troops and promoted to General in 1938.

His tanks were greatly successful in the invasions of Poland and France and, perceived as pro-Nazi, Guderian was much in favour.

This week I’ve been finding out what happens when a Ukrainian tank sim developer has a bash at WW2 strategy.

If you’ve ever owned a game with War, Front or Combat in the title, you might be interested to read Wot I Think.

Most of this book is a history of World War I on the western front, but written in a way to draw conclusions, as sort of a giant debriefing examining where both sides screwed up.

It is rare for a man who was a vigorous, lead-from-the-front combat leader to have also the writing skill to put his well-reasoned studies into interesting form; hence the rare value of this volume. This is a work by a German professional soldier, a product of the German General Staff, and a superb field commander.

Had Hitler not intervened and ordered a stand down for three days, it is likely that Guderian and von Rundstedt would have captured the entire British army at Dunkirk.

He lays out the evidence with hard numbers that destroys the arguments of his contemporaries, who advocated dispersing tanks and tying them to the pace of the infantry.

He examines where the French and British hit on the right formula, and where they made mistakes and failed to exploit their tremendous success with massed tank attacks.

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