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To install updates, schedule a deployment that follows your release schedule and service window.You can choose which update types to include in the deployment.As Windows virtual machines boot up, the boot diagnostic agent captures screen output that can be used for troubleshooting purpose. The captured screen shots are stored in an Azure storage account, which is also created by default.You can get the boot diagnostic data with the Get-​Azure​Rm​VM​Boot​Diagnostics​Data command.For example, you can include critical or security updates and exclude update rollups.Schedule a new Update Deployment for the VM by clicking Schedule update deployment at the top of the Update management screen.Update management allows you to manage updates and patches for your Azure Windows VMs.

If these prerequisites are not met, a banner appears that gives you the option to enable the solution. If any of the following prerequisites were found to be missing after the validation, they will be automatically added: The Enable Update Management screen opens. Enabling the solution can take up to 15 minutes, and during this time you should not close the browser window.Alerts are displayed in the Azure portal or can be sent via email.You can also trigger Azure Automation runbooks or Azure Logic Apps in response to alerts being generated.Businesses need new methods of communicating that reduce costs and increase employee productivity.AT&T Connect combines voice, web, and video in a single conferencing tool that empowers employees to communicate dynamically.

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