Updating ps3 from storage media

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Make sure that your Play Station is connected to the Internet through your home network.

You can either connect an Ethernet cable to the port on the back of the system or use the Network Settings section of the Settings menu on your Home Screen to connect to an available Wi-Fi network. Press left or right on your controller's left thumb stick to select "Settings." Press up or down on your left thumb stick to select "System Update." Select "Update Via Internet" and click "X." Your system will download the most recent version of the PS3 system software.

When you first purchase your Play Station 3, it has an older version of the Play Station operating system installed on it.

When Sony makes changes and adds features, like the TV icon, they are released using the update feature on the console.

You'll notice a TV Icon on the Xross Media Bar (XMB) next to the Video icon.

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An update to the PS3™ system software was released on November 14, 2017.If you’re XMB interface doesn’t include the TV icon, which lists television services like Netflix and Hulu, you’re likely running an older version of the system software.Updating to Version 3.7 or later will add this feature to your system.We encourage you to check this page from time to time for system software updates and to always maintain your system to use the latest version of the system software.For more Play Station 3 reviews and information please click here.

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