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With the Road Angel you get updates sent to the device whilst you are driving using the GPRS mobile phone network.You also get Speed Share that allows you to update the units speed limit database whilst you are driving.In addition there is a Camera Share feature that enables you to add speed cameras that are not in the database such as mobile speed camera vans.

While the Gem device inside the box is identical for both models, the Gem Deluxe includes an extra accessory pack.

The Road Angel Gem Plus also features e Assist that enables you to talk to the emergency services in the event of an incident on the road.

The Gem model includes a dash mount option, whereas the Gem Deluxe which inlcudes extra accessories including a dash mount and windscreen.

The shade/cover is far too small and more for decoration than usefulness, do not think you can use it without the cable either as the battery life is terrible once the unit is over 6 weeks old.

Imagine having an accurate speedo read-out in your vehicle that you can also rely on to give you plenty of warning when approaching safety hazard areas including: ■ Fixed speed safety cameras ■ Mobile speed safety cameras ■ School safety zone warnings ■ Red light safety cameras ■ Laser Speed Detectors ■ High Accident Zones ■ Car Hijack Zones ■ Smash And Grab Zones ■ Store your own safety warnings As South Africa’s roads become busier and more congested, more and more of these hazard areas are being regulated and closely monitored by authorities than ever before.

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