Updating windows vista 34 to 64

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In our case, it was about 15 gigs of Photos and general crap. It also has a nice, but subtle, customize link under each name you should click on. I could have just installed 7 over the top, but the hard drive was a bit untidy, so I just took the opportunity to start fresh.

You can be very specific as to the folders and settings you care about. I waited about an hour, but it was telling me what was up the whole time. I installed Windows 7 the regular way and created a single Administrator user to start with.

Link ID=142337 which is the one-stop-shopping center for Upgrade Info.

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At this point, remember that nothing has been transferred and I have a fresh Windows 7 machine.

It's a great feature and it's not advertised enough.

The problem here, and with most OS installs regardless of vendor is that, at some point, reading and comprehension is required.

This allows you to map the old names to potentially new names/users on the new machine, or exclude names completely.

You'll have to wait a while again, I waited about an hour.

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