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I agree with Roosh' comments about Argentine and Brazilian women. Most of the Ukrainian women I know are not overly skinny. In any case, as he reports, they use what they have to 150% of its potential.We differ only in that I think the potential is greater than he will grant. If you are scoring a flag, as Roosh was attempting, who cares? Only the upper class will pay money for private dentists and medicine.Yes, the Ukrainian girls do drill down to "why are you here" very quickly.

The relationships can involve trading money, gifts, or travel for sexual favors or companionship.I note that now that I am married to a Ukrainian they see it differently. " but a self-interrogatory "why didn't I notice him before he found her? The main thing is that you have to have craigslist type skills. If you have the gift of gab via the written word, it works well via Google translate, as he says. The pickup material is interesting from an anthropological point of view, but (a) though I bought all the books, I never got good at it, and (b) the things I did got me married with a baby, a good enough trick for a retiree, and what I was looking for. That's what I wanted and attempted to build for many decades in the States, without marked success. Isn't there certain monotony, girl after girl, body after body, without getting more deeply involved?" Note that this kind of remorse is not confined by geography! I'll go off on my own riff for just a couple of paragraphs. They put up with their husbands: drink, clothes on the floor, time with the guys, whatever. My wife is a bit less than half my age, yet we understand one another better than I have ever understood an American woman. If sex is all there is, with no concern for procreation, we are doomed.Speaking of language, you should learn Russian rather than Ukrainian.For political reasons the actual percentages are suppressed, but there are probably more native Russian speakers than Ukrainian, and certainly more who do well with Russian than Ukrainian.

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