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Here are a few female fetishes your pea brain probably had no idea she had, and what to do about them.

It's common, Wikipedia-able knowledge that women experience sexuality in a much more fluid way than most men do, so it's no secret that many (up to 43 percent) of women are turned on by the idea of a threesome with another chick. However, a lesser-talked about and much more taboo fantasy many women have is group sex with a bunch of dudes.

This includes things like using a safe word, preparing for possibility that she'll change her mind about what she's comfortable with mid-way through, allowing for communication during the scene to check in with each other, double-triple-quadruple checking consent and planning for some kind of after-sex debriefing to discuss what just happened.Make it happen: Let her plan exactly what's going to happen so that it's entirely consensual and she's in control of the action.If there's something you want to incorporate into the scene, ask her first and don't spring anything unexpected onto her while you're doing it (unless she's given you permission to).As the Inquisitor reports about women's porn-viewing habits: "Women show a strong preference for sado-maschistic adult video viewing, with the terms 'rough sex' and 'bondage' both appearing in the top 16 search terms for women, but not for men." The control aspect in particular is a huge fantasy for women, who reported in our sex survey that one of the most important things they wish men knew was that they like to submit.In fact, in the survey, submission was the #1 fantasy women reported, with 21 percent of them saying they'd love to be dominated.

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