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As Ice-T’s muse, she sent shockwaves through popular culture and helped to push the boundaries of rap album art when she appeared bikini clad and holding a shotgun on the cover of Ice’s sophomore effort, , in 1998. The last one, the one I was close to, she ran away when she was 14. Even though I dressed and acted the way I wanted to, I could dress one way outside and in my home, but I would never go into my grandparents’ or my dad’s house looking a certain way. I remember showing up to a PTA meeting in a non-fitted dress buttoned to the top and my son being confused. Ice and Ortiz made up one of hip-hop’s first power couples, and she always stood by his side as he tried to make a name for himself. She’s been on her own since then, and I was the one who stayed home the longest. “I have something to show you.” She looked at it, her eyes went so wide I thought, “Oh god, what’s gonna come out of her mouth?

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who is ice t dating-41

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Coco cheated on Ice-T with a rapper named AP.9 in Las Vegas, and there were even pictures to prove it.Coco was caught red-handed, and their marriage began to publicly unravel.Somehow they overcame the cheating scandal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that neither of them has cheated since then.I’m very disappointed, but at the same time, how can I be mad at him? I met him and supported him, and he is still my son’s dad. The letters he wrote you make it seem like he tried to be up-front about the relationship. All my sisters had run away while I was really young. ” and she said, “You look so pretty, you’re so strong.” Then I flipped the album over and she goes, “Yeah, mija, I don’t care for the butt thing.” We never showed my grandpa by the way. You’re lucky the Internet wasn’t a thing back then.

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