Who is jason london dating

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His family famously didn’t believe his testimony and thought he was trying to cover up for relapsing into his prescription drug addiction, but the courts apparently thought otherwise. Jeremy Has Had Some, Er, Family Troubles In a court case completely unrelated to his kidnapping, Jeremy was charged with misdemeanor spousal battery and was made to undergo anger-management counseling. They’re Not on Good Terms Ever since Jason accused Jeremy of lying about his kidnapping testimony, Jeremy hasn’t wanted much to do with him.He’s still trying to regain custody of his son Lyrik (that name … Jason thought he was simply trying to cover up the fact that he was abusing drugs and tried to pawn it off on his supposed kidnappers. You read that right–Jeremy London has directed his first feature film, The Devil’s Dozen.The men forced him to smoke crack cocaine and buy them alcohol.He eventually dropped them off and called the police.Reese Witherspoon joined an ever-growing list of engaged celebrities Tuesday when she announced that she and boyfriend Jim Toth plan to tie the knot.Over the course of her public life, Witherspoon has been married once before (to Ryan Phillippe) and even dated Jake Gyllenhaal for quite a bit of time.

I had to go back to being that unaware person again.The pair "went out a couple of times but they are not dating," a source told People.The 47-year-old actor and Karstens had reportedly been getting close and even traveled to New York City together recently for Sutherland's "24" promotional appearances.Hollywood seems to be packed full of dysfunctional families, but the leading wackos aren’t usually twins. Jason only recently had his first public catastrophe, but Jeremy has been mucking things up for years now.Here are 10 things you need to know about these identical troublemakers.

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