Who is luann de lesseps dating

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With the reality star enjoying the single life and reportedly “dating tons of men,” is it possible one of those guys turned out to be someone special?

According to sources at , there is no one serious yet, but she is back in the dating scene and recovering from her split from D’Agostino.

“He didn’t want to do any interviews until he sees Luann’s sit-down with Andy to see if she bad-mouths him,” the first source tells Us. ” Watch What Happens Live One-on-One With Luann de Lesseps airs on Bravo on Wednesday, September 6, at 11 p.m.

“Tom is really trying to take the high road with the divorce.” In a recently released preview for the special, the Real Housewives of New York City star opened up about rumors that she slapped D’Agostino at a restaurant in July.

But to the drama fueled ladies of RHONY, something tells me this little mystery of Who-Did-Tom-When won’t die its timely death anytime soon!

star Lu Ann de Lesseps is dating again after her short marriage to Tom D’Agostino.

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De Lesseps’ friend, former housewife Kelly Bensimon, recently told star is a “trooper” and has integrity.

Tom, who Luann plans to wed on New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, hasn’t had much of a chance to defend himself though. “I don’t watch the show, but I get different pieces here and there, and a lot of the stuff I have heard? Not sure I’m buying his line of not watching the show, but Sonja and Ramona spewing forth outlandish commentary? Then again, Tom could just be covering up his sordid past with the ladies. We went out a couple of times – maybe two or three times to dinner with some friends. Yes, he and Sonja have known each other for years, and yes, they’ve hooked up. ’ and she says, ‘Oh, I’ll have to get my diary, I’ll tell you when.”While we wait on Sonja to unearth that diary out of her Hoarders-esque basement, it looks like it will continue be a game of He Said, She Said.

Now he’s speaking out to clarify the rumors that he 1) dated Ramona Singer seriously and 2) hooked up with Sonja Morgan over a period of 10 years. There was never any chemistry.” Which begs the question, who ? But he claims it was once once, not multiple times. While Sonja is delusional (as in Unicorns flying out of one’s arse delusional) at times, she doesn’t strike me as and out and out liar.

that he was surprised by the divorce, and when he sat down with Lu Ann de Lesseps for a one-on-one interview in August, he thought it was curious that the reality star didn’t shed a tear during filming.

“I thought she was curiously unemotional especially given the fact that she was crying to me on the phone the day before.

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