Who is paolo nutini dating

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“But it’s not the most bright and breezy album, which is why I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding where people think I’m tortured.That’s why I like the idea of people hearing the song Funk My Life Up.” Being one of the most overtly catchy of his new songs, this has been chosen as the comeback single. I liked the idea of this girl coming along and knocking you sideways.I thought you could learn and you would acclimatise, but I really haven’t.When things get too grand or too big, I struggle to keep up with it all.My grandpa Jackie would say ‘Here’s a wee Advocaat’, and Eddie, who I grew up knowing as my grandfather on my mum’s side, he used to put Irn-Bru in my milk.It used to send me loopy and he just loved watching this crazy little kid.Despite some recent dabblings in mixology (the Groucho Club added one of his casual creations to the menu and called it a Pencil Full Of Lead, after one of his biggest hits), Nutini is not the boozehound that some assume him to be. People have paid to see the show.” But this is only one of a number of misapprehensions about Nutini, who is rarely credited with being as loquacious and eloquent as he is in person.“Everybody’s convinced I’m three sheets to the wind when I go on stage,” he says. Catch him being interviewed on radio or television and he can look and sound awkward.

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But in relaxed conversation, he gives long, serpentine answers, which veer off on interesting tangents for minutes at a time before flowing back to his original point.

For this is Paolo Nutini, a pop sensation posted missing in action for the past few years, although now he’s poised to return with a new album. But given the immediate environment – the firelit hearth of a small private bar whose many bottles of exotic liquor are all empty; just for show – the first topic that springs to mind is drink.“I used to drink Advocaat all the time when I was a kid,” says Nutini, remembering that gooey sweet staple of the 1970s drinks cabinet.

“It was only a few years ago I found out it was alcoholic.

“The prospect of being up there in front of all those people again, it’s laying yourself bare again.

Everybody’s got their opinion of what I should or shouldn’t be doing, what I should achieve – people saying ‘that’s not the real you’.

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