Who is phil bronstein dating

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The brunette beauty is married to former Hearst/San Francisco Chronicle Editor at Large Phil Bronstein.

“We got engaged, got pregnant, went on our honeymoon, and then got married– in that order! Bronstein’s father is Louis Borders, who with his brother, Tom, Borders founded the eponymous Borders Bookstores.

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The CEO and wife also has the title “writer” on her dossier. Even after hobnobbing with President Obama at a recent fundraiser, Bronstein stays dedicated with grounded grace.

As a contributor to the Huffington Post, her compelling voice focuses on–what else? Bronstein has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Wall Street Journal Online. “I don’t,” she said, instead, embracing and offering support whenever needed.

The 56-year-old actress made the announcement Wednesday on Extra.

Now I feel comfortable dating." "I am available for dating! Stone's availability does not extend to Antonio Banderas, whose wife, Melanie Griffith, filed for divorce in June.

The actress slammed rumors of a romance last month to the Daily Mail as "salacious, unkind [and] unfounded." "Antonio is a brother to me and Melanie has been with me for each and every birth of my three children," she asserted.

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