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Yep, definitely need more details about your recipe and procedures. possible cause of this is lack of nitrogen for the yeast to num num on. here goes; Cherry mead; 1.5 lbs cherries in 1 gallon spring water (purchased), 1 campden tablet crushed, 24 hours later, added 2.5 lbs honey from farmers market (local wildflower), 1/4 tsp DAP, 1.2 tsp Fermaid K, 1/4 tsp Potassium carbonate. Tree days from initial pitch SG 1.088, good lemon taste, next day SG1.064, remove lemon zest and added 1/4 tsp DAP, 1/2 tsp Fermaid K, 1/4 tsp potassium carbonate, Missing notes on 2/3 sugar break but think I probably added DAp/Fermaid K.

I am not saying thats what it is, but IF it was then the book suggest "avoid leaving the meas on the lees for an extended period of time. After 8 days in secondary, racked again to get off fruit (would not leave on fruit that long again). Lemon/basil: 1 gallon Bottled spring water, 5 cups honey (1 quart from local amish store but had to add 1 cup Wal-Mart honey to achieve SG 1.100), zest from 6 lemons 1 1/2 campden tablet pitched Wyeast 1388 smak pack, after two days no activity so pitched another.

Would that use the excess nutrient and correct the problem? I'm not sure if you made a new batch and used the old one as a food source would work. Through my experience I have found that I want to prolong the fermentation stage a bit more i.e.

Will the taste dissipate with time or do I need to pour out and start over? If its' excess nutrient can I start another batch and combine with the new? wild yeast, bacteria and mold can grow on floating fruit and this could easily be the source of 'soapiness'.I'm pretty certain if you make these adjustments you will have much better results.Welcome to the forum BTW So if I start at OG 1.099 all nutrients need to be added prior to 1.066? It's about how to make good mead using modern science 8 days of peaches in secondary... I usually try to aerate daily until SG gets below 1.030 by whisking for 2-3 minutes . That being said, it's a pretty "young" mead to be drawing conclusions on. just my .2 cents as I just read this book this past week. 71b 1122 yeast about 2.5 gr, I used Go Ferm but did not record amount. Two days later SG 1.050 added 1/4 tsp DAP, 13 tsp Fermaid K, 4 days from pitch SG 1.010. At 10 days SG 1.005 racked to secondary and added Fresh basil leaves, day 16 from pitch racked again and removed Basil.

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