Women dating less attractive men

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There are many elements to a successful relationship – pretending to listen in bed when you've actually been engrossed in your phone for half an hour, for example.

For whatever reason she really appreciated me and did super nice things for me all the time.

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And Im not asking if hot guys are OK dating ugly girls. It could be a scenario where the guy is VERY attractive (basically a 10) and the girl is pretty (lets say an 8). Are you genuinely OK dating a girl less attractive than yourself, or would you always wish she was the same or above you in attractiveness? Seriously any girl who is less attractive than me is either ugly and/or fat. I believe Bob Marley once sang "Ugly wife, happy life".

When I was younger and in fantastic shape I dated a girl who was chubby. She moved away to attend a different school, and for years after I wished I'd quit my job to follow.

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