Women in recovery dating

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If he just wants to be friends, it should become apparent quickly.

Try to not put pressure on yourself or on the two of you as a couple and just wait and see what happens.

If it feels okay (being in his company) then it is probably okay. I am never totally comfortable doing something I am inexpereinced at, but I feel alot more comfortable about this than I would have expected.

If however you feel the need to impress him, talk yourself up and/or lie about parts of your life, then run for the hills! As for sex...I actually hope that that will be something down the road awhile...right now I'm feeling pretty happy about spending time with him, and I want a chance to savor my first kiss before I move on to anything more intense..since I want my 2nd 1st time to be good....i want it to happen in a "real" relationship. The SLAA folks have a wonderful take on what a healthy relationship is...I know that I have yet to have a healthy start to my relationships because I was so uncomfortable going slowly...jumped right smack into them.

:ghug3 Good luck with the date....sounds like you had a good one...

I never did good dating someone while my recovery was going smooth....

Saw him and chatted after the meeting...really any different than before... So I thought if I started a thread and posted as I walk through this it might help me. So I am realizing that I am way inexperienced in this stuff and don't really have any idea what i'm doing or how to interpret things...what is a date.Take it slow and don't rush into too much..........enjoy your time and keep a distance to keep your program going...I am doing better with my program and have many years to be thankful for today.................

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