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In the five decades they've been married, the notoriously private Dean has only appeared with Parton in public a handful of times.

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' We got pictures on the steps right outside the church."Even before Parton reached stardom, it became clear that her husband had no interest in the entertainment industry.When Dean and Parton got engaged, Dean's mother was excited to plan a big wedding, because her only daughter had eloped, Parton told CMT.Sadly, the ceremony of the bride's (and mother-in-law's) dreams was not to be."Everyone at my label had invested money in me and in building my career, so they asked me if I'd wait a year to get married," Parton recalled.The day after her high-school graduation, Dolly Parton packed her bags and left her home in Sevierville, Tennessee, for the bright lights of Nashville, about 200 miles west.She'd had her first taste of success five years earlier when, at 13, a small record label in Louisiana produced her first single, "Puppy Love."The record "wasn't good at all," Parton told the On that first day in Music City, 18-year-old Parton was doing her laundry at the Wishy Washy laundromat when Carl Dean, 21, drove by in his white Chevy pickup truck.

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