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You can apologize for the effect of your transgression.

Beyond that, you can examine your biases and misinformation.

It’s not fine to expect trans people to divulge private details about their private parts just because you’re curious.

As I mentioned before, reducing trans people to their bodies and sexualities is the epitome of objectification.

We can all hop on board when a cis person changes their last name when they get married, if Prince feels a stronger connection to a symbol than a formal name, or if Snoop Dogg changes his stage name to Snoop Lion.

When people question, challenge, or deny a trans person’s name – especially when it has been clearly spelled out for everyone ( i.e., “Call Me Caitlyn”) – they are implicitly saying that the trans person’s identity is less important than their opinion of it.

Johnson won a landslide re-election in 1964, defeating Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona.

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The sea represents the people, or a populated region (Revelation ).Making one mistake doesn’t brand you as a terrible person forever. That’s why musicians learn theory, medical students learn anatomy, and activists push for accurate and respectful language in media and in their personal lives When we make it a point to use correct, respectful language, we reinforce this system created by and for trans people.Furthermore, when we uphold the guidelines of respectful language, we lead others by example.If someone tells you their name, you speak and refer to them in that manner.This idea applies to transgender people as well as cisgender people, which shouldn’t be so difficult to digest – yet people have the hardest time with it.

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