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Now it appears the FTC is stepping in on such things, and it's reached a settlement (pdf) with one company, JDI Dating, which runs a bunch of dating sites, for tricking lots of people into buying premium plans based on fake profiles sending messages to "free" users.

According to a complaint filed by the FTC, JDI Dating and William Mark Thomas operate a worldwide dating service via 18 websites, including, and

The messages were almost always from fake, computer-generated profiles – “Virtual Cupids” – created by the defendants, with photos and information designed to closely mimic the profiles of real people.

A small “v” encircled by a “C” on the profile page was the only indication that the profiles were fake.

Earlier this year, Comcast and Charter agreed each would not acquire a wireless carrier such as Sprint without seeking the approval of the other, a deal that could enable the two cable companies to jointly negotiate terms with smartphone manufacturers.

Sprint stock spiked on the news Tuesday, jumping 2 percent, or 18 cents, on a down day on Wall Street to close at .18.

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One scenario could entail either [Comcast or Charter] taking a stake in or merging with Sprint,” Amy Yong, telecom analyst with Macquarie Capital, said Tuesday morning. Charter could not be immediately reached for comment.

Sprint is considered the weakest of the four national wireless carriers and has been the persistent target of takeover rumors.

about access to its wireless network as speculation boils that Sprint could be bought out by a coalition of cable companies or by T-Mobile.

In 2013, Soft Bank acquired control of Sprint for about billion.

Though the company owns valuable wireless spectrum, it also has been troubled with an aging network and, now, discounting among the four competing wireless carriers.

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