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The bald facts are that the official number of tourists slumped by half this year - an optimistic calculation - and many of those who came will not return, having experienced Crimea's first summer under Putin.Across the region all Ukrainian banks have shut, the cash machines no longer dispense money.After Ekaterina and Richard got married their situation eased up a little because she received a visa allowing her to reside in France together with her husband and son.However, their complicated situation got worse when in 2014, their daughter Vasilisa was born in Crimea.In the events that followed, Richard received a letter from the Consul General of France in Moscow, Marc Sédille.The letter which was written on October 28, 2015 read, “As for your daughter, if I understand correctly, she was born in Crimea.The alliance's senior military commander US General Philip Breedlove used a trip to Kiev to warn: 'We are very concerned with the militarization of Crimea.In an even more extraordinary development, Putin himself has been accused of personally raiding the historic world famous Massandra wine cellars for the best vintages as booty after his victorious occupation in February.'Crimea is now a big prison, although few people understand this,' warned vocal pro-Ukrainian blogger Yelizaveta Bohutskaya, forced recently to flee to Odessa after a dozen policeman, four of them masked and toting Kalashnikovs, raided her home at 5.30am confiscating her computers, mobiles and USB sticks.

“I cannot bring her because her birth certificate is Russian and it is not valid for the Ukrainian customs.Yalta was once a magnet for students around the globe.British prime minister David Cameron was lured by its charms in the months after he left Eton, and later claimed the KGB tried to recruit him as he sunbathed on a packed beach.If this is true, the Consul General of France in Moscow has no authority to register her birth certificate or extradite it because Crimea is not part of our consular district.” The letter further read that Crimea is part of the consular district of the consular department of the Embassy of France in Ukraine and only they are authorized to issue the proper documents.According to Sédille, one way out of the situation for the family is a trip to Ukraine to process a passport for the daughter.

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