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Senate over the last five election cycles dating back to 2002, just three had previously served in the House of Representatives – Democrats Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, who was first appointed to her Senate seat in 2009 and then won a special election in 2010. Smith served five terms in the House before winning her first of four Senate contests in 1948 in an open seat race. Overall 226 of the 258 women who have served in the House never subsequently attempted a Senate run, or 87.6 percent.

Representatives lost bids for Senate seats during that 10-year span: Georgia Democrat Denise Majette in 2004, Florida Republican Katherine Harris in 2006, New Mexico Republican Heather Wilson in 20, and Nevada Democrat Shelley Berkley in 2012. Republican Margaret Chase Smith of Maine was the first – as well as the first to be to the Senate (the previous six had been appointed). Senate seats include California Democrat Helen Douglas (1950), Idaho Democrat Gracie Pfost (1963), Hawaii Democrat Patsy Mink (1976), New York Democrat Bella Abzug (1976), New York Democrat Elizabeth Holtzman (1980, 1992), New Jersey Republican Millicent Fenwick (1982), Indiana Democrat Jill Long (1986), Hawaii Republican Patricia Saiki (1990), Illinois Republican Lynn Martin (1990), Rhode Island Republican Claudine Schnieder (1990), New York Democrat Geraldine Ferraro (1992, 1998), Virginia Democrat Leslie Byrne (1996), Washington Republican Linda Smith (1998), Georgia Democrat Denise Majette (2004), Florida Republican Katherine Harris (2006), Nevada Democrat Shelley Berkley (2012), and New Mexico Republican Heather Wilson (2008, 2012).

Office: Former Congresswoman from South Dakota Party: Democrat Why You Should Vote For Her: She was the hottest Congresswoman until Kristi Noem came along and defeated her; now she's the hottest former Congresswoman.

Wonder Woman, mud-slinging and jello-wrestling all the way?

But there's an element of the conversation that isn't dominating the headlines: sexual harassment and assault against men.

Senators in history first served in the House of Representatives and three of the last 13 since 2002 Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s decision Monday not to enter the 2014 South Dakota U. Senate race means the Democratic Party has probably lost its best chance to keep the seat held by retiring three-term Senator Tim Johnson. Herseth Sandlin was considered to be the strongest Democrat to run for the seat, although her chances were probably shy of 50/50 in the deep red state despite already being elected in a statewide race four times from 2004 through 2008. In addition to Smith and Mikulski, the remaining eight Senators are: Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin (seven, 2012). The primary purpose of the Rural Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Assistance Program is to enhance victim safety in cases of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking living in rural areas by encouraging collaborative partnerships between criminal justice agencies, victim service providers and community organizations to respond to these crimes.In addition, the program supports the provision of services to the victims of such violence, and encourages communities to work in coordination to develop education and prevention strategies directed toward these issues. Senate candidate Roy Moore as he entered the Capitol. Ashley is an atmospheric scientist and physical geographer with interests in geophysical hazards and societal interactions, severe storms, and applied climatology and meteorology. He received his Associate of Science Degree in Law Enforcement from Moorpark College, Moorpark, California and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada- Reno.

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