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Please dont take it the wrong way but my pops told me a long time ago bout dem yella bones...... Hell, from what i hear Jamie a little throwed himself, he probably just trying to make sure he get his first date promise from a chick he been dreamin bout since "Mo Money" Stacey Dash gave her true colors away on Wendy Williams. We have got to stop being such a judgemental world. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Is About To Drop All The Pee Tea» LAVISH LUNCH!

This is a woman who has admitted that all of her six engagements and subsequent three marriages were to white men. Why would ppl tell Jaime to stay away from the kitty, thats stupid. TO ALL OF YOU HATERS YOU WILL NEVER SEE HER IN YOUR HOOD ASKING YOU FOR SOME CREAM... Jay Z Takes Tour Break To Yacht In Miami With Beyonce & Blue Ivy New Flicks Of Sir & Rumi Carter» Jeremy Meeks Introduces Son To Girlfriend Chloe Green On Shopping Trip Wife Cries It Out Then Gets Set Up On Blind Date With Athlete» Rio Weddings Are LIT: Diddy & Cassie Are In The Mood For Love Chris Rock & Megalyn Echikunwoke Get Cutesy On Balcony» Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's New Reality Show Is About To Redefine #Relationship Goals» LAVISH LUNCH!

SD: Yeah I’m doing a reality show for VH1 that Sally Ann Salsano, who does ‘Jersey Shore,’ is producing. SD: Yes and how I’m working this [single life] out because I am scared. SD: Yes and his family was there, it was all very, very wholesome. Who will get over and use their looks to whore themselves out to a white man as a career move and for social status. Very pretty girl, but it's obvious she has some problems.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been on my own and that’s scary but I’m excited. SD: Yes, he sent a car for me and then I picked him up, but he wasn’t ready. Black woman are so smug and clueless they actually think that just because white men want to f! IF JAMIE WAS INTERESTED IN ANY TYPE ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH STACY, TRUST!!! I UNDERSTAND JAMIE IS VERY BUSY, BUT BUSY IS NEVER AN EXCUSE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE/B WITH SOMEONE.

She was certainly in the right place for it on Sunday night - after the awards show, she and Foxx were spotted at the exclusive Vanity Fair after-party, where they chatted with Heidi Klum, along with pregnant "Precious" star Paula Patton and her crooning hubby, Robin Thicke. "They seemed to be thorougly enjoying each other's company." But at least one naysayer questions the relationship.

"They looked very much like an item, and Jamie was introducing her to everyone," says one L.

The fab 40 year old actress is hitting your tv screens again for a new reality show. You think that one of your problems is having sex too early, first date status. Stacey is just a talentless White-Man's cum-bucket.. If thats the case Im not surprised she is attaching herself to Jamie, she cant be alone but if you cant be good company for yourself how can you be good company for your mate? She said she has NEVER been single since age 17, has never lived on her own, and that men have always defined her.

Stacey sat down with Wendy Williams to discuss why we should care about her reality show, the real deal with her and Jamie's "relationship" and she claims they like each other and are WW: We’re all going to be able to follow [Stacey] through her journey as a single woman with her own place, children and dating… WW: And so the cameras are going to be following you, navigating your way through your beautiful life. SD: You know what happened is I slept with all of my husbands on the first date, they said, ‘Marry me’ and I said, ‘Yes! I wonder how many White Men Stacey laid back on the casting couch and open up her legs for during her lackluster career.. Nowadays pretty black women are nothing but BOOSHIE, sellout, self-hating, PRUDES.. ALOT OF PEOPLE CAN RELATE TO HER STORY THAT SHE IS NOT AFRAID TO TELL... Sooooooo, now that she's single, she's jumping into the frey with hot ass Jamie Foxx? On the show she appeared to be like a child who has never grown up.

He has a daughter around that age and I'm sure he'd murder a ninja if a ninja tried. I know a lot of artists have a stage persona where they do/say things out of the ordinary but he really seemed like the type if you were down and your ass was cute enough he would be down for WHATEVER....... Maybe, Fox may loose his fans, if his secret is revealed...... Most women that beautiful define themselves through a man because of all the attention they get because of their looks. She's Dame Dash's cousin (reason for her Kanye video appearance) and I remember guys begging him to get with her and she wouldn't give a black guy let alone a rapper the time of day. She's been married 3 times and all to white men and now that's not working for her and she wants to get back in the biz, Denzel's taken so next Oscar winner - Jamie. You already admitted you're basically a hoe and I saw him in concert and all he talked about was who he was gonna meet from my town to take to his hotel and was basically begging females to come to his after party to drink, smoke a joint with him and see where the night goes. Both Dash and Fox like'm light & white......they're just using each other for the publicity and image cover up.... Sorry Stacey but Jamie already hit those and u know he did. Jamie Foxx appeared on Oscar's red carpet Sunday night with the beautiful (but much forgotten) Stacey Dash, causing waves of whispers and a flurry of camera flashes. First, Stacey just decided to split from her third husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, and spoke about it on - wait for it - Foxx's radio show, "The Foxxhole," on Sirius XM on Friday. Dash happens to be well connected in the music biz - she's the first cousin of Damon Dash, the former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records.The "Clueless" actress, whose rep had no comment on the matter, married Xuereb in 2007, but Stacey says the two have "grown apart" over the past three years. The male Dash and Foxx have both a personal and professional relationship since they worked together on "Gold Digger," Foxx's smash-hit collaboration with Kanye West from 2005.

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