Issues arise concerned with consilidating departments

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If a member chooses to offer comments to accompany a vote of Disagree or Abstain, then the member's name and comments will be included in the minutes.8.1.3 A simple majority approval of members present at the time of the vote is required for an issue to pass.The chairperson's duties are to: 6.1.1 Convene and preside at HRTAC meetings; 6.1.2 Designate special tasks to HRTAC members and ad hoc subcommittees; 6.1.3 Review and amend its charter, as necessary.The HRTAC coordinator secretary will be appointed by the chairperson and perform the following duties: 6.3.1 Maintain a record of meeting attendance; 6.3.2 Record meeting minutes and provide them to committee members; 6.3.3 Handle HRTAC correspondence as directed by the chairperson; and 6.3.4 Preside at meetings in the absence of the chairperson.The establishment of the HRTAC fosters an increased level of discussion and coordination on hoisting and rigging concerns and guidance among DOE program and field elements.In addition, the HRTAC will provide a mechanism to gain an operational perspective in the development of program guidance and in the resolution of program issues and will aid in ensuring uniform hoisting and rigging safety criteria and implementation throughout the DOE complex.Selection HRTAC members shall be limited to DOE and DOE contractor employees whose normal job duties include the management or operational direction of hoisting and rigging operations at DOE facilities.Members will be nominated by their management on the basis of technical expertise and ability to participate in committee activities.

The HRTAC serves as an advisory body to the Office of Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) by providing support to their policy efforts aimed at ensuring the safe performance of hoisting and rigging activities at DOE facilities and in the review and resolution of identified generic hoisting and rigging safety issues.

This HRTAC is established to provide the Office of Worker Safety and Health Policy (AU-11) with technical advice in the development and maintenance of policy and guidance documents supporting DOE's hoisting and rigging safety program.

In fulfillment of this mission, the HRTAC will perform the following functions at the request of AU-11: Review, evaluate, and recommend actions necessary to ensure that the DOE Hoisting and Rigging Standard (DOE-STD-1090) remains current and is consistent with Departmental guidance and referenced source standards.

Due Process The process will ensure that any individual or organization within DOE who believes that an action or inaction of the HRTAC causes unreasonable hardship or potential harm is provided the opportunity to have a fair hearing of their concerns.

Reporting The HRTAC will report on hoisting and rigging policy, guidance and standards-related activities to AU-11 on a frequency that is appropriate to the activity and consistent with program needs.

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