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To top it all off, Jennifer is six months pregnant. Jennifer and I have been friends for several years, having met through work. Since Jennifer was already married when we met, nothing physical happened, but there was a lot of good natured flirting and underlying sexual tension.Of course, that didn't stop me from fantasizing about it. She stands about 5'8", has enchanting blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair.She enjoys working out and has the body to prove it.I'd had the pleasure of seeing her in her workout clothes a few times and enjoying seeing her smooth, flat tummy, nice, firm butt and medium size, full, round breasts. We'd chat online all the time and often talk for hours on the phone, especially when her husband was out of town on one or another trip.Unfortunately, not long after that, Mike got word that he had to deploy and would be gone all through the holidays.

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We concluded an enjoyable conversation and I concluded climaxing again thinking about her beauty. We spent the next several hours decorating the house. He hasn't touched me for months and I am so damn horny! Please make love to me right here in front of the fire and the tree." I began kissing my way down Jennifer's belly as she lay back in the sofa. I spread her legs and started to lick her wet pussy. Her wetness continued to increase until she was absolutely soaked. She was so soaked, my finger made a slopping sound as I drove it in and out of her. Her tight muscles gripping me as I plunged into her. I felt her body start to shudder as she screamed again, "Cum inside me!I didn't tell her at the time, but I was so horny by the time I got back to my place after dropping her off that I stripped naked and masturbated thinking about seeing her naked, pregnant body. Her voice sounded so sexy, that sitting there in the dark; I began to get hard again.As we talked, the conversation slowly drifted toward her being alone.She said it must be the hormones, but as she sat around all that morning, she started becoming more and more upset that she had no one to decorate with. We ate an enjoyable dinner lit only by the Christmas lights. I shouldn't have done that, but I find you so beautiful." "No, it's okay. I need to be with someone." Once more back into a passionate kiss. It feels so good." I paused just long enough to remove my clothes as Jennifer pulled off her sweats and panties and then went back to kissing her. As she continued to lay back on the sofa, I knelt between her legs, holding my rock hard cock in my hard. My hands were on her pregnant belly as I fucked her, my cock going all the way up inside her. I told her that I understood how that could make her really sad and that I'd be glad to come over and help her put up decorations and the tree. But I guess she liked it since she hugged me again and thanked me for coming over to help her. So we sat in the kitchen and drank it while chatting. After dinner, Jennifer insisted I sit with her on the sofa to look at the lights on the tree. We began passionately kissing, our hands all over each other. This time my hand going under her shirt, feeling her hard, pregnant tummy. With one hand, I held her pussy lips open and with the other I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy. I want to put my cock inside you and fuck your married pussy! I felt her muscles milking my cock as I pumped in her.

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